The quiet and the tranquility
of the countryside a few minutes
from coast of the Coral Sea

Where we are

Nit i Dia Holiday House Alghero
riviera del corallo

Alghero, the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, golden gate of the ancient land of Sardinia, the small Barceloneta as it is defined by the Spanish brothers is located on the northwestern side of the island of Sardinia.

The sea and its white sandy beaches are an example of the enchanting scenery that Alghero offers.

A long stretch of white golden sand appears to continue endlessly. A centuries-old landscape is the setting for this fairy-tale scene, where history, archeology and ancient traditions make Alghero a tourist destination not only for its crystal clear waters, but also for its cultural experiences that enrich its charm.
The city’s historical center, born of ancient traditions and a mix of cultures make it a unique gem.

The stone, wood, typical smell of the traditional food of Alghero, musicians on street corners, and small streets that intersect all make it feel like you could get lost in another time.

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